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Chasing tails...

In the middle of the Tibetan Wheel of Life, you'll find an image of a cockerel a snake and a pig, chasing one another madly. They represent the 'three poisons' of 'greed, hatred and ignorance.' as they constantly feed off each other in our lives. That ring any bells?

I know there are some of you with much busier lives than me, but for anyone interested in why my books aren't coming out every couple of months... this was my (fairly typical) day last Thursday (Writing activities in bold!) And before you accuse me that I am the author of my own chaos... Well.. duh!

5.30: Kali wakes me up by tapping her paw against my arm. I let her out. Make a brew. Short meditation.

6.00: write 500 words.

6.30: Make the tea while completing school paper work (exams analysis for a meeting later on)

7.00: Get kids/wife out of bed and ready for school.

7.45: 25 min drive to school whilst learning my lines for 'Blue Remembered Hills'. I do this by listening to a recording of the script (I record everyone else's lines and leave a blank for mine)

8.10 - 8:40: Prepare lessons, photocopy resources for the day

8.40: Tutor time

9.00-9.55: Year 11 class: The 'rights and wrongs' of different forms of contraception, plus a fascinating and disturbing documentary about a doctor investigating the world of 'gay cures' in the US. (Yes... this is the stuff I teach!)

10.00-10.50 Year 13 class discussing the thorny issue of Euthanasia. Iis there a moral difference between a doctor 'killing' a patient and a doctor 'letting a patient die' when that death could be prevented?

20 min break

11.10 - 12.00 Fire drill then a session with my tutor group about which part of the political spectrum they are on...

12-1 - Free period. Write 400 words

1-2 lunch and meeting with my department

2-3 - Year 12 class learning about The six realms of samsara and the 12 links of dependent origination by creating a 'living version' of the Wheel of Life in the middle of the room

3-4 - Admin

4-4.30 Drive home... learning lines.

5.00 Make / eat dinner.

5.30 Drive youngest daughter to something called 'Acro dance' Then drive Middle daughter to Modern dance at the theater on the other side of town

6.15 Pick up youngest daughter.

7.20: Pick up middle daughter from theater

7.30: Wife comes back from meeting

7.35: Go BACK to theater for rehearsal. TWO HOURS of running, jumping, shouting and at least THREE fights. Two of which I win and one I lose very badly.

9.40: Get home. Kiss kids goodnight.

9.45: Meditate.

10.30: Talk about my day with an equally exhausted wife.

10.45: Lights out.

So how was your day!?

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