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The Rift Walker Trilogy

Introducing a brand new fantasy adventure series.

Parallel worlds, ancient wisdom, unfathomable demons, and a young girl's journey to reclaim love, hope and meaning. Rift Walker blends Eastern mysticism with a gripping coming of age fantasy adventure.

Open the Rift... expand your world.

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Echoes of the Rift

Echoes of the Rift

Beyond the echo lies the truth

In a sleepy town, Charlie Taylor stands on the brink of her dreams. Her aspirations to become a designer hinge on a project that must encapsulate the essence of emotion. Richard Brown, a discerning academic, pushes her toward something extraordinary, away from the mundane.

Drawn to the enigmatic Gatley House, Charlie is ensnared by its mysteries. Whispers of another realm, haunting visions, and cryptic symbols blur the line between reality and the surreal. The weight of the past hangs heavy, luring both Charlie and Brown into an obsession that promises wonder but demands a steep price.

Torn between ambition and the inexplicable, Charlie's journey is one of passion, peril, and self-discovery. Dive deep into a world where dreams weave into reality, and the echo of a rift holds the power to change everything. Will you listen to its call?

Rift Walker - Kindle - High Resolution -
Edge of the Rift

Book 1 in the Rift Walker Trilogy

Edge of the Rift

How can you know what's true, when everyone else thinks you’re crazy?

Haunted by her father's mysterious disappearance two years ago, fifteen-year-old Esta Brown is convinced he’s still alive, even if everyone else has given up on him. Teased by her peers and in constant trouble with school, she finds solace by staring at the crumbling walls of the condemned Gatley House her father was so obsessed with before he vanished.

If there are answers to why he abandoned her, then she’s sure they’ll be in there.

When developers threaten to knock down the old building, Esta finally plucks up the courage to sneak inside. What she finds will turn her understanding of the world upside down and the answers she seeks will lead her into an unforgettable adventure which will have you questioning your own truths and, perhaps, the very meaning of life itself.

We’re just at the Edge of the Rift.

Dive in.

Rift Walker - Kindle - High Resolution -

Released April 2024

Rift Walker - Kindle - High Resolution -

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Book 2 in the Rift Walker Trilogy

Into the Rift

How can you trust anyone, when you can't even trust yourself?


When the threads of reality begin to fray, Esta finds herself on a perilous quest to mend them.

As the laws of cause and effect crumble, the Six Realms spiral towards chaos. Trapped between dubious allies and elusive truths, Esta must discern friend from foe. 

With powerful ancient forces increasingly at play, Esta and Simon stand on a precipice of trust, one step away from salvation or ruin.

As identities blur and secrets unfold, the quest becomes clear: to journey deep 'Into the Rift' and restore the balance before all is lost.

The 'Brilliantly imaginative' second novel in the 'Rift Walker' Trilogy

Book 3 in the Rift Walker Trilogy

Beyond The Rift

The Reality Shattering Conclusion to the Rift Walker Trilogy!

When cause and effect unravel, nothing — not time, not trust, not even friendship — remains certain.

Experience an adventure where every step might lead to disaster, or redemption.

As destinies intertwine and futures blur, Esta must journey beyond doubts, beyond fears, and ultimately... Beyond the Rift

Released June 2024

Rift Walker - Kindle - High Resolution -
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