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The Legends of the East series 

Introducing a brand new fantasy adventure series.

For those who love the idea of the UPSIDE DOWN world of Stranger Things and the blending of mythology and fantasy in the stories of Neil Gaiman and Philip Pullman. 

Bend your mind... expand your world.


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Eye of Mara
eyes of mara ebook 2.jpg
The Eyes of Mara

What hides beneath the surface of this fragile reality?


What might be seen when a light shines in the darkness?


Its 1984 and for Charlie Bullock, life is all about the surface detail: The clothes, the hair, the music.

But when she enters the old crumbling Gatley House she unlocks a disturbing truth that threatens to rip her world apart and set the wheels in motion for an epic battle between good and evil.


Read The Eyes of Mara, the chilling prequel novella to the Legends of the East series.

Jewel Island

Book 1 in the Legends of the East series

The Search for Jewel Island

If she wants to save her father...

she'll have to save reality first.

Esta Brown is failing at school, friendships... at life.


If only she could get her father back everything would be OK again.

But he vanished into thin air two years ago after becoming obsessed with a creepy old house... old house that just happens to be sitting on a rip in space and time. Whatever he was doing there, he's opened up a multidimensional can of worms in the form of Mara, the demon of chaos. If Esta is going to see him again, she's going to have to fix his screw-ups. And if she fails... the fabric of reality itself is already unraveling around her. 


Book 1 in the 'Legends of the East' series


"A unique and haunting tale."


Dionne McCulloch: 

short-list judge of the Bath Literary Prize


"It's so hard to convey how much I love this book."


Paula Beaton:

Editor of the Heir of G.O'D. dystopian sci-fi series by Harper Maze.

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Available to buy!

available now!

Book 2 in the Legends of the East series

EBBoB front cover small_edited.jpg
Esta Brown in the Bardo of Becoming

Chaos is the new normal!

The 'Brilliantly imaginative' second novel in the 'Legends of the East' series by R.N. Jackson.

Bardo: An intermediate state of existence between death and the next life.

Esta Brown sees demons no one else does. She sees a golden temple where others see an old ruin.

No one else knows it yet, but the forces of chaos have already started tearing their town apart.

Esta is the only one who can stop it... But guess where she is?

That's right. She's locked up in Gatley Gardens Mental Hospital.

And she won't be able to stop the real madness about to break out if she doesn't escape soon...

If you love reality-bending fantasy with a mythological twist, then join Esta and her friends in another mind-expanding adventure, as she enters...

The Bardo of Becoming!


Book 1 in the 'Adventures in the Six Realms series'


Don't want to buy ebooks from Amazon?

Buy direct from the author below!

Tubten Yeshi 
and the
Shadow Beast

'Expand your universe!

Set between the events in book 1 and book 2 of the 'Legends of the East' series...


While Esta and her friends figure out how to save Odiyana from Mara and her demons, Lama la has sent the Four Protectors on a vital mission within the six realms of Samsara to locate and bring back a symbolic key from each land.

Book 1 

The four protectors attempt to retrieve the symbol of the twin fish from the temple in the realm of animals.


But when they get there, they find the symbols are missing and the temple long abandoned.

Attacked by marauding Hungry Ghosts from one side and members of a mysterious cult from the other, they must somehow find the symbol in the seemingly endless forest...

But something else, something deadly stalks them from the shadows.

A proper, ripping tale of heroism, determination, friendship, terror... and two little fluffy animals called Furball and Stripe...

Yoga at Home


Coming soon

Daughters of Mara

Book 3 in the Legends of the East series

Esta Brown and the Daughters of Mara

How can you see the truth

when everyone else is blind?

To regain those things that were lost.

An impossible choice​.

A battle for reality.

Book 3 in the 'Legends of the East' series.

Progress: In development

Coming: Spring 2022

adaughters of mara draft cover_edited_ed

Book 4 in the Legends of the East series

The Other God

All that begins must change

All that changes must die.

Progress: 2nd draft complete

Release date: Autumn 2023


Other Titles in the 'Legends of the East' universe

Wheel of Life
Adventures in the Six Realms

Four exciting stories featuring characters from 'Legends of the East' as they search for the auspicious symbols in the six realms of Samsara

Book 1: Tubten Yeshi and the Shadow Beast - OUT NOW!

Book 2: Sera Chodron in the Realm of the Titans - Summer: 2023

Book 3: Rabjam Dorje in the Realm of the Formless Gods. Autumn: 2023

Book 4: Karma Chodron in the Realm of the Hot and Cold Hells. Winter: 2023


Tubten Yeshi (2)_edited.jpg
Sharp Weapons
Cover_Small (1).jpg
The Wheel of Sharp Weapons


From the outside in.

Death Walks.


A terrifying prophesy echoes through the halls of a remote Tibetan Monastery.


A stranger arrives in a storm.

The abbot is found slain. 

Deadly wheels are set in motion.

Samten, a novice monk with his own doubts and troubles must try to navigate between powerful adversaries, shadowy foes and a plethora of suspects to discover the culprit before more are killed and a terrible force is unleashed that will set in motion events that could lead to a terrifying atrocity twenty years from now.


A 'Legends of the East' Paranormal detective novel:


Progress: Completed 1st draft 

Release date : 2024

Paranormal detective

blackpool tilt cover image 2.png
Blackpool Tilt

Blackpool Tilt

Yoga. Murder. Kebabs...

Rivers of London meets the Dresden Files.

A trainee cop fresh from India finds his world (and, at times, his stomach) turned inside out in the seedy underbelly of a seaside resort.

A 'Legends of the East' paranormal detective novel.

Progress: Completed 2nd draft

Release date: 2024

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