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The Rift Walker Trilogy

Introducing a brand new fantasy adventure series.

Parallel worlds, ancient wisdom, unfathomable demons, and a young girl's journey to reclaim love, hope and meaning. Rift Walker blends Eastern mysticism with a gripping coming of age fantasy adventure.

Open the Rift... expand your world.

Echoes of the Rift

Echoes of the Rift

A search for truth.

A house with a gruesome past.

A disturbing secret that could tear the world apart.

Its 1984 and for Charlie Bullock, life is all about the surface detail: The clothes, the hair, the music. But when she enters the old crumbling Gatley House she unlocks a disturbing truth that threatens to rip her world apart and set the wheels in motion for an epic battle between good and evil.

What hides beneath the surface of this fragile reality? What might be seen when a light shines in the darkness?


What people are saying about 'Echoes of the Rift'

***** Wow what a great book. Its been a long time since a work of fiction has kept me so engrossed. I felt I actually joined Charlie in her terror. - Kate

***** The writing is fast paced, tense and colourful - Zoe Lingard

Fantasy book - Echoes of the Rift - Prequel to The Rift Walker Fantasy book series

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Edge of the Rift

Book 1 in the Rift Walker Trilogy

Edge of the Rift

If Esta wants to find her father, she may have to save reality first.

A book of multi-dimensions, demonic forces and a whole new way of thinking about... everything.

1984: Richard Brown went missing just days after becoming obsessed with Gatley House: a derelict building at the edge of town with a grisly past.

Two years later, his troubled daughter, Esta Brown, finally summons the courage to follow her father after spending almost every day staring at the old place, wondering what he'd discovered.


But as the truth about Gatley House slowly emerges, it reveals secrets and sinister dark forces that will make her question everything she thinks she knows about her father, her own identity, and even the very nature of reality itself.


As the Rift opens, Esta stands at the edge of another dimension. Will she reunite with her father, or is she about to unleash ancient forces she can't hope to control?

If you love reality-bending tales like the show 'Stranger Things' or 'American Gods' by Neil Gaiman, then you'll love this mind-blowing novel!

A "Brilliantly imaginative" fantasy adventure series inspired by eastern mythology.

Dive into Edge of the Rift and join Esta on a breath-taking adventure that challenges beliefs, ignites the imagination, and opens the door to a world beyond our own.


***** NAIL-BITING, EXHILARATING SUPERNATURAL WRITING AT ITS BEST:  David Banks: author of "Doctor Who: Cybermen"

***** A gripping, exciting page turner of a mystery, fantasy story and an exploration of the nature of reality:  Amazon Reviewer

***** A really wonderful engaging book, full of rich Tibetan Buddhist mythology, and impossible to put down, I look forward to reading the sequel! Thomas Straughan.

**** Part ghost story, part mystery, part urban fantasy, and full on page turner! This one reels readers in from the opening lines. Kit Trzebunia author of The Gatherer

5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderfully written, fast-paced adventure with an eye for 80’s nostalgia and eastern mysticism: Amazon Reviewer


The journey to the Rift awaits. Are you ready to take the leap?

fantasy book Edge of the Rift - Book one in the Rift Walker Trilogy by R N Jackson

Released April 2024

Young Adult Fantasy Book - Into the Rift - Book 2 of the Rift Walker Trilogy by R N Jackson

Book 2 in the Rift Walker Trilogy

Into the Rift

How can you trust anyone, when you can't even trust yourself?


After opening the Rift, Esta's understanding of reality has forever changed.


Now, she and Simon are forced to embark on an urgent quest through the Six Realms. The very laws of nature are breaking down, and they must find a way to mend the fraying fabric of reality.

But their journey into the heart of the Rift is fraught with danger and challenges beyond their wildest imagination. As they encounter allies whose motives are unclear, Esta and Simon must sift through lies and secrets. Trust is their most precious resource, as they seek answers to mysteries that are deeply connected to who they really are.

"Into the Rift" expands the thrilling story started in "Edge of the Rift," offering a tale filled with discovery, peril, and the power of friendship against the backdrop of a world in turmoil.


Join Esta and Simon as they navigate this treacherous path, where every decision could either save or doom the Six Realms.

Dive back into the Rift Walker trilogy with this sequel, where adventure awaits at every turn, and the quest for truth becomes a race against time.

The 'Brilliantly imaginative' second novel in the 'Rift Walker' Trilogy

Book 3 in the Rift Walker Trilogy

Beyond The Rift

The Reality Shattering Conclusion to the Rift Walker Trilogy!

When cause and effect unravel, nothing — not time, not trust, not even friendship — remains certain.

Experience an adventure where every step might lead to disaster, or redemption.

As destinies intertwine and futures blur, Esta must journey beyond doubts, beyond fears, and ultimately... Beyond the Rift

Released June 10th 2024

Young Adult fantasy book - Beyond the Rift - Book 3 in the Rift Walker Fantasy book series by R N Jackson
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