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rat and pig ebook by R N Jackson

Buddhism for kids and adults.

“Charming verses, which neatly and wryly relate the profound dharma.”

Lama Jampa Thaye,

Buddhist meditation master and scholar

Inspirational and fun rhyming verses exploring Buddhist answers to some of life’s tough questions.


  • The true meaning of compassion

  • How to cope with worrisome thoughts

  • How the true nature of mind is much greater than we ever knew.


A meditation on Madness by R N Jackson

Are you sitting uncomfortably? 


Three tiny, twisted tales of the mysterious and the macabre. 




R.N. Jackson, brings you a dash of darkness. 


Now breathe...

Blackpool Tilt by R N Jackson

Blackpool Tilt

Yoga. Murder. Kebabs...

Rivers of London meets the Dresden Files.

A trainee cop fresh from India finds his world (and at times his stomach) turned inside out in a seedy seaside resort.

A paranormal detective novel.

Deep Space Drift by R N Jackson

Deep Space Drift


30,000 souls drift off into the void.


A fleet of thirty 'sleeper' carrier ships containing thirty thousand  colonisers drift silently through interstellar space.

It’s Bob Jones’ turn to wake up and man the helm of Carrier #8. He just has one job to do before he can go back to the long sleep: babysit the life-support and Nav systems.


Piece of cake.

But something is wrong.

The entire fleet has been following the lead ship  off course into deep space for the last twenty five years and no one is doing a damn thing about it.

And then there’s the sound of someone humming from the lead ship.

A Sci-Fi novel

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