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Discussing This and That

So, I reformatted my old collection of Buddhist poems the other day. They've been languishing on Amazon for a couple of years but weren't formatted for e-readers. So, although I'm not much of a tecchy, I rolled up my sleeves and figured out how to make a fix. I'm pretty happy with the results!

I wrote these little poems about twenty years ago after a month long meditation retreat, so my mind was fairly spacious at the time. While they may not hold much literary merit, they come with a degree of insight from that blissful time in my life!

To celebrate the rebirth of these poems I've made them available for free for a few days.

I've had to lose some of the illustrations for this version, but may add some more in the future. If I do, I'll make them free again for a few days for those who already have a copy.

It's been an interesting experiment in publishing as this is the first time I've tried to market a book of mine with any degree of commitment. I spent money on FaceBook advertising and joined every Buddhist FaceBook group I could find.

It hit no.1 in three (free) categories on the Amazon store. So pleased that these poems might be being read by many more people!

Trouble is... I'm struggling with the intricacies of Amazon's algorithms. Not sure it'seven available outside of the UK store! The ebook and the paperback version aren't even linked (no idea why)

So... the steep publishing learning curve continues.

But no.1 is some motivation to keep going at least.

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