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author of
The "Legends of the East" series

contemporary fantasy inspired by Buddhist mythology

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My Books
My Books
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The Eyes of Mara

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The Search for
Jewel Island

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Esta Brown in the Bardo of Becoming

The chilling prequel novella

Book 1 in the series

Book 2 in the series

What People Are Saying About The Search For Jewel Island

Unique and haunting

Dionne McCulloch,

Short-list judge of the Bath literary prize



Aged 13

About the Author
R.N. Jackson

Amongst other things, R.N. Jackson has:


  • Been shot at in Kashmir.

  • Saved himself from kidnap with the use of a Brazilian hunting knife gifted by a bare-knuckle fighter for the Mafia

  • Led several expeditions to Northern India, Nepal, Thailand and Japan.

  • Been the conductor of a choir in the singing of Bohemian Rhapsody to bewildered Himalayan orphans.


  • Helped to rebuild a school after the 2005 Tsunami in Thailand.


  • Spent months studying with some of the greatest living masters of Tibetan Buddhism.

Now he's all grown up, has a beautiful wife and three astounding daughters to keep him safe. He spends his days managing the Religion and Philosophy department at one of the UK’s leading independent schools and in between all the planning and marking, he writes novels inspired by his experiences.

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He has many stories to tell.

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